I’m an NHS doctor. I think others might be interested in some of my insights, frustrations and humour about the UK’s beloved NHS.

As a doctor registered with the UK’s General Medical Council I have to keep any patient related story absolutely confidential and unidentifiable. Be assured key details will be changed or omitted so that no-one is identifiable. It’s for this reason I write under the pseudonym Doctor Rants.

That’s what I expect most of my posts to be…RANTS of frustration about and exasperation with the system that Brits love and love to criticise and is so horrendously complex and disjointed no-one seems to be able to get it consistently work well.

I don’t mean to offend, though my posts will be candid and challenging. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my posts though if you’re offensive I’ll just delete them.

I really hope these posts give readers greater insights to the way the NHS does work and some ideas as to how it can be made to work so much better for everyone.

That would be success, and a great outcome of my ranting.

Fingers crossed.

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Facebook @doctorrants

Twitter @DoctorRants

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